Winning the GOLD

Last night, I watched USA Women’s hockey win the first Olympic gold medal in 20 years. What I loved about that game is even though the U.S. had exceptional skills at handling the puck, passing and turnovers and even though they just couldn’t seem to get another score, in spite of it, that they just kept giving it their ALL! 

From the outside looking in, it “looked” hopeless, or a stalemate at best. At that point, it would have been easy for the U.S. team to lose momentum, stamina or their spirit, but they didn’t. And, it turned out they didn’t need to make that score during those three periods of the game to win. Something else happened. They went into overtime. Better yet, when neither team scored in overtime, they went into a shootout situation. This is something I hadn’t seen before. Each team got 5 chances to individually make a power shot at the goal, just the shooter and the goalie. Each team got a shot, alternating between the U.S. and Canada, and alternating between goals in and misses. In the end, the U.S. had the most scores and won the gold medal! The kicker? “Jocelyn Lamoreux-Davidson (who won the winning goal) is phenomenal in shootouts” said her teammate. Isn’t it amazing that a way opened for the U.S. to utilize their power shot skills to win the game? That would have never happened had they not kept that momentum going for the remainder of the game and overtime. They had to stay in it and keep focused on the end game. What a great metaphor for life.

So after four winter Olympics, and the U.S. hitting a brick wall every time, they won!

Many of my clients have had that same experience– the brick wall. No matter how much effort they put in, and how good they “look” on the ice, they just couldn’t get the win they were looking for.

Has that happened to you? It has for me. What does that feel like when no matter what you throw at it you walk away empty handed? Do you feel motivated to try again? You might. You might be like the U.S., they were so hungry for that win that they’d do whatever it took, and they did. They stayed in the game and stayed the course, despite how it “looked”. If you can muster up the courage and strength you need to give it your all, GO GET ‘EM! I’m cheering for you!!!!

But what if your motivation has left the ice? What if you don’t even want to suit up again, let alone get out on the ice? You might not get out there. Or, you might keep up appearances and get out there, but your heart just isn’t in it. What happens when we do things half-heartedly? What do we know about doing something over and over expecting different results? Insanity, or at a minimal, it feels like futility.

If you have already tried, and tried again, and you feel like your spirit broken at some level, or that you’re just tired of going it alone, I’d like you to consider this– Olympians have a coach to bring out the best in them. They have a HUGE leg up! They are mentored, encouraged, held to their very best, their coach sees their strengths, their potential and they believe in them! How far could you go with that kind of support? Where does your potential come from? From the coach? It comes from inside YOU! You already have it!

Would you like to find out what what’s within you? You might be afraid to find out. You might think you don’t have what it takes. That can be scary. What’s scarier is doing nothing, or having the same experience over and over. That’s not fun. You’re meant to live life to the fullest! You have the ability to make a difference– you already are!

Take your power shot today and apply HERE for a complimentary Power Shot Session (include “Power Shot Session” in the Subject line). Let’s find out what’s possible for you.

The rest is history!



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