Strawberry Moons Forever


June 27 and 28 is the Strawberry Moon.

My ears perked up when I saw the words “Strawberry” Moon. I have always felt a fondness for the town of Cedarburg, due to memories of going there with my parents when I was young, and other visits since. One of the street festivals that I have enjoyed there in the summer is called the Strawberry Festival, and the festival is this weekend. Plus, some time ago, every summer for my birthday, I would to treat myself to a special Strawberry Sundae, at Kopp’s Custard, that had shortbread cookies on the bottom. Yum!

Based on a astrology prediction by Alli Hoff Kosik, the Strawberry Moon is a time for reflection and inner transformation. As a Transformation Coach, I revel in being continually immersed in transformation for myself and my clients. Today, I am choosing to deepen my own inner transformation, during this time. As far as “reflection” goes, it seems to be a theme for many (myself included) that I have spoken to lately, already, and I have been doing more journaling than usual. So, we’re on the right path! And, if you haven’t given it much thought, now is your opportunity to ride the energy!

Let’s take time to energize our reflection and inner transformation with the Strawberry Moon. Here are some details about the Strawberry Moon and what else you may experience during this time. Enjoy!
Strawberry Moon Astrology Predictions

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