Express Your SELF

I am both humbled and empowered as I take in all of the gifts that have presented themselves today and make new choices for myself. It’s not what we bring in, it’s what we do with what we bring in. We are powerful creators.


Why I Stopped Journaling
I met with a friend and marketing coach recently, Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach, who found it very interesting why I stopped journaling. When I sat down to journal, I would always find myself writing so much that it took too much time. I didn’t like writing down dreams either because there were so many details that it was like writing a screenplay.

The truth is, there was so much that I didn’t see an end to it.

So what if I looked at that as a good thing?

Wow! What if it is AMAZING that I have such vivid dreams and can see so many minute details, emotions and thoughts? What if it is AMAZING I have so much to say when I journal? Isn’t that the point? … to get it out of your head and onto paper?

I started thinking about this today as I read comments someone wrote in an email about a book I had shared with them. That “someone” is friend and business marketing mentor, Kevin Kowalke, of The Kowalke Group. He not only shared details about the book and his related wisdom with me, but with his whole audience. Why don’t I do that? Maybe, it is because I feel I have so much to share. Where would I start, and where would it end?

I want to share EVERYTHING. Let me rephrase that. I THINK about sharing everything. What if I did? What if it still kept coming? Maybe I had a fear that I would share things, people would expect it, and then I would have nothing to say. HA! That’s pretty funny, isn’t it? … especially given that it obviously just keeps coming. And why does it keep coming? Because I am committed to life-long learning, and I am still LIVING!

So what if, as long as I live, I share what I’ve learned, my experiences, and what works for me. What if you did? What legacy would you leave behind? How many lives would you touch?

As Kevin stated, “The brilliance exists within all of us, but it does nothing to benefit others if we keep it a secret bottled up inside of us a buried treasure. What good does your knowledge and passion have if not shared with as many people as possible?” I share this very same message with the people that I know and those I work with, and when I do, I receive a little nudge from the Universe that I could be sharing in a greater capacity as well.

How can you express yourself in a greater capacity?

Today, I choose to express myself. How about you?


The Warrior Within
I just looked at a wood figurine of a Viking that I purchased in Denmark, many years ago, and had placed on my desk recently. He has a helmet, a sword and a shield, and the base (his feet), which had come unglued, I have misplaced or thrown away. It is not needed. In fact, it is a great metaphor for what we have been through, how we have come unglued, and yet we are still here. Our “inner warrior” is poised and ready for anything. Have no fear, your inner warrior is here!

Yes, stories, wisdom, whatever I label it, still keeps coming forth, just like that inner warrior.

I once heard, “That which is within you and expressed will set you free, and that which is within you and not expressed will eat you from the inside.” It is a slow death. Pretty soon, you start to believe in the illusion, believing you don’t have anything of value to say. I just learned the origin of that quote today. It comes from the Gospel of Thomas. Last week, a friend recommended that I read Thomas– down the rabbit hole we go…

Today, I choose my inner warrior. How about you?


Pray Out Loud
This morning, I happened to catch a video clip about a young woman who was trapped in a car after an accident. Nothing was working to get her released from the wreckage. She made a request– to pray out loud. Just as she made this request, a priest walked out from the corn field, asked if he could anoint her with some oil, and if he could pray for her. He did, out loud. The girl became more relaxed, and the crew started to make some progress. Another fire truck arrived with heavier tools and they were able to set her free and get her to the hospital. The priest was gone. He disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

Do you pray out loud? I pray out loud for others, but not too often for myself. Why is that? For one, we just don’t think of it. I have a mentor, Daniel John Hanneman, who prays out loud on all of his calls, for whatever is going on in his life and for the group. Ultimately, whatever is going on for him is going on for most of us at some level. As he says, “When you bless yourself, you bless everyone.” So why don’t we bless ourselves? Why is that not a habit? For it to be a habit, we have to practice it. Whether you choose to pray out loud or not, maybe you will choose to pray, for yourself.

Today, I choose to practice praying out loud for myself. How about you?


I stood up, looked out the window at my garden and prayed, out loud: (Prayer Summarized Below)
God is the beauty in all things, in all of life. Today, I remember that the beauty is within, that I am extraordinary, remarkable, astounding, just by being me. That I don’t have to wait until I am that, I already am. I AM. I no longer believe I need to be BIG, or have a big audience, or have to have a small audience to be worthy of sharing what I do know. I just need to be me, right where I am. I am enough just by being me. So today, I choose to share my wisdom, what I’ve learned and who I am, in any way that I can. I am so grateful for all that has crossed my path today, to bring me to this place, of who I already am. I choose this, knowing that it is already so, and SO IT IS!

My wish for you, is that whatever your unique abilities are that you are not expressing, that you engage your inner warrior and fully express it in the world. That is my mission– to help you get out there in the world, expressing who you are, thereby helping more people, so we can lift up even more people, together.

So today, I choose to express my SELF out loud, in black and white, with as many people as I can. How about you?


Thank you for being here! This wouldn’t be possible without you.


Express who you are, engage your inner warrior, and pray out loud!

Express Your SELF,


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