Bountiful Love and Blessings


On this joyful day of Thanksgiving throughout the United States, I am grateful for friends and family, and also new friends, and those who are now part of my new “family”, both near and far across the world.

Today, I thank you for all of the blessings YOU have bestowed me.

As I was in the kitchen preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday last night, I reflected on how thankful I am for the special moments I hold dear, but also for the times this year that I missed the mark, made mistakes, or limited myself.  

These are a calling to something greater, for me to be aware of what is possible for me, and my greatest growth.

I remember in the corporate world, in the midst of a serious technical issue for one of my customers, I recognized that if everything always ran smoothly how much learning and understanding of the inner workings of our systems I would have missed.  That’s how life is. If everything runs like clockwork, we just go from day to day, repeating the same day over and over, and there’s no growth.  In the military, there was a term for people who had given up on learning and just wanted to ride out their time to retirement.  We called them “R.O.A.D.s” (Retired On Active Duty).

Maybe, you didn’t expand your business this year as much as you planned, or maybe you didn’t lose those pounds/kilograms or inches.  But maybe you increased your self-care.  What is that worth to your body, your mind, your energy, your future?  Maybe you increased the time spent with your significant other, your children, your family, friend or pet. What is that worth to your relationships, your emotional well-being, your heart?  Maybe, you invested in training, coaching, your long-term finances/insurance.  What is that worth to your intellect, sense of worth, value, confidence, and your life?

Today, let’s celebrate all of the so called short-comings as our finest moments, as we stretch, reach, grow and expand our horizons to an entirely new space of ourselves. To go where we have never gone before– that is something to be thankful for!

There is endless bounty in your life, and YOU created it.  YOU are a powerful creator!May you celebrate ALL of you this Thanksgiving Day!

Bountiful Love and Blessings,

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