A Recipe for Thanksgiving Goodness

Your Thanksgiving Goodness Recipe:

There is so much that we “could” do that we forget what we’ve already done to have a wonder-full Thanksgiving!

Today, feel free to ponder what you have already done for Thanksgiving to fill you up with Thanksgiving GOODNESS!

When you fill yourself up, you have more to share.

┬áLet’s look at this list to get you started:

You were born, here, on this beautiful planet!

You were and still are a beautiful, innocent, child.

You are full of curiosity, wonder and desire.

You are a unique being. No one is exactly like you.

You love and you are loved, even when you feel otherwise.

You have given of your heart, your mind and your soul.

You have a vibrant body that takes your spirit where it needs to go.

You are already filled with the life force of all that is.

You have shared kindness that changed a moment, an hour, a life.

You have wished or prayed for greater blessings and peace for others.

You are full of potential, ideas, creativity and desire.

You are a life, an expression that is shared with the world just by being YOU.

Serves All

Serve warm and share with love

You matter to me and I am grateful that you are part of my Thanksgiving. Thank you!

Bountiful Love and Blessings,



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