A Martin Luther King Moment

In remembrance of Martin Luther King Day, I wanted to share a how Martin Luther King played a role in my life. He has always inspired me, and here is one example of how his words inspired me to act boldly.

I had a vision of showing a film in a new theater that opened in my neighborhood called “The Alchemist”. The film was created by a mentor of mine and our intention was to share the film in our own communities. I didn’t have the funds to rent out the theater and thought if the theater was open to doing this, it would not only be good for the community, but the theater would benefit by bringing in new people to the theater, as well as providing good will for the community. I didn’t know if the theater would agree.

Nervously, I walked into the theater for the first time. No one was visibly available, and I suddenly had an idea, “These people are actors…”, so, I yelled out, powerfully, so that whole place could hear me, in Dr. Martin Luther King fashion, “I HAVE A DREAM!” Three people came running out, smiling and excited to hear what was going on. They loved it!

I told them what I was suggesting and they graciously accepted my invitation. We had the film there and had a terrific time. I became friends with the two owners and started attending a poetry group that was held there, where I met one of my dear friends.

I hope this story inspires you to take a chance, be bold, and live from the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King.



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