Jill Borsos - Name Pic
Jill Borsos - Name Pic
"Through coaching, healing, speaking, and writing, I inspire others to live their greatest lives with passion, dignity, and honor."

Transformation Coaching and Cross-Dimensional Healing™

Transform your current results and live your greatest life!

When you claim your transformation and commit to working with Jill Borsos, she is with you every step of the way to support you as she guides you through realizing your dreams. Through powerful coaching and healing, you start to note changes in your business and life, and within weeks, you are already celebrating the newfound joy and liberation of your transformation!

Right now– Jill is offering a FREE private 30-Minute Intuitive Discovery Session (Let’s discover what will propel you and/or your business forward in 2018!).  Click here to apply for the Intuitive Discovery Session or email Transform @ JillBorsos.com (remove spaces on either side of the @ symbol) to apply.

Claim Your Transformation ~ Live Your Greatest Life


Intuitive Energy Scan

Do you know what’s holding you back from living your true potential?

Jill Borsos has the ability to read the energy of your chakras and identify unique, positive aspects about you, as well as exactly what is holding you back and what will propel you and your business forward. Awareness is the first key to transformation!

The Energy Scan is conducted by telephone for U.S. and Canada residents and by Skype for those outside the U.S.

Schedule an intuitive Energy Scan today!

Email Transform @ JillBorsos.com (remove spaces on either side of the @ symbol) to apply.